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Getting Employers To Self-Fund In The PPACA Era - Keep Existing Clients Self-Funding... Get New Employers To Self-Fund...

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As time passes and elements of PPACA are triggered, the cost of purchasing insurance has become too great.  Meanwhile, employers see an opportunity to drop coverage, pay a relatively small penalty, and exile employees to the exchanges.  The reasons to offer employment based benefit plans hasn’t changed.  For those that self-fund, they need to know why self-funding remains the best option for them.  For those leaving fully funded insurance, self-funding may be an option they haven’t considered.  Join The Phia Group’s CEO, Adam V. Russo, and Sr. VP, Ron E. Peck, as they discuss the many reasons to keep health benefits in-house, and how self-funding allows employers to “play” the game in a PPACA era!


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